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Technology Updates for Construction in 2018

Updated: May 4, 2020

The new year is upon is here at Ross & Associates, Ltd. and we are excited for all the opportunities that this year will bring us. Based of some market research, it looks like 2018 is going to be big for construction when it comes to some of the new technology that is becoming more mainstream as the days go by. One new technology that we want to emphasize is Machine Learning. Drones are becoming more prevalent on the work site and there is a new program out there called that can be used with a drone to improve the job. With the use you can constantly analyzes photos, videos, and other visual data coming from the job site, and look for safety violations, as well as gain information for marketing. Now we do not have access to just yet, but we do have a drone of our own and will definitely be looking into this new technology to see just how much we can benefit for it in terms of worker safety, information gathering, and marketing. Stay posted for more information about construction technology in 2018! #Technology #Newyear #Construction

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